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Ton Koper (*1949) is a creative director and age activist in Basel. In earlier years he worked as a concept designer in Zurich and Frankfurt. Today he writes and speaks about the communication of economic and social change.

These transitions are caused by several crises that are spreading simultaneously. We are now experiencing not only an infection crisis, but also a demographic crisis, a globalization crisis, a digitalization crisis, an interest rate crisis, a climate crisis, a waste crisis, a species crisis, a justice crisis and, on top of that, a truth crisis. In an increasingly fluid society, some fixed ideas about life, work and retirement are likely to dissolve before our eyes.

Will this change without end go down in history as the great permacrisis? Or will it be remembered as the genesis of radical new ideas, solutions and collaborations that have long been needed but never had the chance to be realized? In his later work, Ton Koper is particularly committed to the redefinition of demographic changes and new ways of recruiting and developing workforces. He gives lectures, works on projects and runs workshops on these topics.

Ton Koper was an active partner at Bain & Company in Moscow and a member of the expert group of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. He is in demand as a critical commentator, enjoys watching football and listens to music by Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan.

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